I was born and raised in the Puget Sound, and believe the amazing environment, lifestyle, and culture permeating throughout the region has shaped my vision as a photographer. Its a common saying among Puget Sounders that we are only an hour away from doing anything, whether it be hiking among some of the most beautiful natural backdrops in the world, attending a lively concert within the always hip & forward thinking music scene, tasting some of the best food and innovative restaurants, or wandering throughout one of the many unique neighborhoods in Seattle.

The many opportunities that my home region has presented me over my lifetime has caused me to be interested in a wide array of photographic genres. My interest in street and travel photography is what initially commenced my love affair with photography. Adventuring through the streets of cities in Ireland, the Czech Republic, Brazil, Turkey, Kenya, Rwanda, and many others have allowed me to capture some amazing images from a wide range of cultures. Contrasting the different lifestyles and mannerisms visible in my images fascinated me, causing me to want to learn more about the art form.